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Solar energy is produced from the heat of the sun, which is a renewable source of energy that can be harnessed to produce electricity to power our residences and businesses. Solar is also a clean source of energy, which implies it is excellent for our environment. We place solar panels on your roofs to utilize solar power to obtain a significant amount of sunlight and solar energy. Solar panels usually require little maintenance and the whole installation process is hassle-free too. The amount of power or electricity produced depends on the location, the weather conditions and time of the day.

Solar panels are installed in a shade free clear area. they are either roof mounted or ground mounted. The panels work by converting light form the sun into electricity. This is DC and it is fed in to a inverter to convert it to AC and then sent in to the property for use through the main switchboard. If there is any excess electricity being produced, it can be exported into the grid and generally there is a feed in tariff paid to the property owner by their electricity retailer. 

Once installed, the solar system works on it own. It does not need to be switched on or off. While the panels require bare minimum upkeep, it is good idea to check that panels are clean from time to time. Clean panels perform better.  

There are many ways a solar system can be installed. Most systems are installed on grid connected properties to supplement the day usage. The properties still use the electricity from conventional sources at night times.

Hybrid : A hybrid inverter is used along with a battery. The solar panels work during the day and power the property and also charge the battery before exporting any surplus electricity. The battery kicks in during night and supplies the electricity to the property. Once the battery drains off, then the property will draw electricity from the grid. 

Off Grid: In this scenario, the property is not connected to any electrical grid. It is solely dependent on Solar Power. it is recommended that a back up generator be present in case of encountering many consecutive days of low sunlight. The solar panels will supply power during the day and batteries will provide electricity at night. 

Installing Solar Panels at your property has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below :

1. Reduce Energy Bill : Solar energy can substantially reduce your electricity bill by producing free power for your home or business. The electricity prices are always increasing. With the good government rebates still available, there has never been a better time to install solar.

2. Quick Return on Investment : Solar is one of the best financial investments you can make. With the benefits of the government rebates, you will enjoy incredibly quick ROI ( normally 3-5 years)

3. Environment : Solar electricity systems generate clean electricity using the sun’s light, which reduces the impact on our environment. Installing a solar electricity system is an investment for the future and helps reduce the carbon footprint.

4. Increase the value of your property : Many prospective buyers are looking for energy efficient homes that won’t burden them with high cost energy bills. With rising energy prices, homes with solar will be attractive to prospective buyers.

Solar electricity can be used to power households, RV’s, commercial and industrial sites.  Solar electricity is identical to power generated from fossil fuels, wind & hydro. It is beneficial to use the power during the day while it is being produced.   The use of timers is helpful on appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, robotic vacuum cleaners, pool pumps, electric cars/bikes and electric heaters/water heaters can be turned on to maximise the use of free solar power and give big financial savings. Solar panels are being used as shades to construct car parks. Solar power is being used to power trains. Solar Farms are being constructed all over the world to generate electricity to supplement the coal and nuclear fired power plants.