Zing Solar Vic Solar Panels For Your Commercial Energy Needs

Solar panels are easy to install, and saves you money right away. The system starts generating power from the word GO.


Installing solar is good for the planet, and even better for your budget. It will not only decrease your dependency on fossil-fueled and foreign energy sources, but dramatically reduce your energy bill.


By installing solar you create the potential to greatly reduce your energy bills or eliminate it all together. Imagine what you could do with these savings! You could put it towards other payments, vacations, college funds…the possibilities are endless.

Rocket Networks, Kensington
28 kW system



Rocket Networks wanted to reduce their bills on the electricity consumption. They selected a system that would cover their day usage and the credits earned from exported surplus energy to offset their night usage. 

The system was installed in July and the customers are delighted by the performance. A total of 76 Jinko 370M panels with a Fronius 25 ECO was installed. The system’s performance will be closely monitored using Fronius accessories – Fronius TV, Fronius smart meter, Fronius Sensor box to measure the environmental element like temperature and wind speed. 



Willaura Super Market
20 kW system




When making a Solar decision it’s important to understand the different types of ways to go solar.  The supermarket had approval to put only 10 kW form the distributor for export. The daily requirement of electricity was not being met by the 10 kW system. Another 10 kW system was installed with two Solis 1P5K-4G-AU inverters with export limiters. The system has been performing well for last 12 months since installation. The owners of the supermarket  are happy with their decision.


Engineering Business - Northern Vic
10 kW system




The business needs were very specific. The business had approval to put only 7.5 kW form the distributor for export. The daily requirement of electricity was not being met by the 7.5 kW system. A total of 10 kW system was installed with one Solis 3P10K-4G-AU inverters with export limiters. The system has been performing well for last 15 months since installation. 

Our Process to ZING Your Bills


Request a free, no-obligation consultation with a Zing Solar Vic Consultant.​


One of our solar power experts will conduct a site inspection of your business premises to determine the viability of installing a Zing Solar power system.​


Receive a personalised and detailed proposal, including a financial summary with investment, payback options and returns.​


Choose the upfront or payment plan options.​ Leasing and Chattel Mortgage options are available from our finance partners.


Let us handle the formalities.​ We do the end to end solutions from initial approval from distributor to configuration and metering.


A CEC accredited, expert electrical team will install your new industrial solar system.​


Start putting money back in your pocket by generating your own clean energy using solar system installed by Zing Solar Vic.

Why Zing Solar Vic?

Zing Solar Vic is proudly Australian, and has been since our beginnings. Our team has always been, and continues to be, 100% Australian based.


We find out how much energy you use, when you use it, and what you pay, then design a system specifically to suit your needs. With over 7 years experience, we're specialists in our field, and we know solar and battery storage back to front.


We offer approved modules, inverters and batteries that meet Australian standards. We are constantly updating our product portfolio to keep upbeats with latest offering and updates. We regularly participate in the trainings offered by the product manufactures to stay on top of the product capabilities.


Zing Solar Vic is proudly Australian and our Australian-based customer support team are your first point of contact for any queries. All your queries are addressed and answered in a timely manner.


We provide prompt and hassle free installation. All our installations are carried out by CEC Accredited installers with excellent track record. All the installers we have are expert and rich in experience guaranteeing superior quality workmanship. This enables us to offer your long term workmanship warranties. To back it all up, we offer you prompt service.

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